a wunderbar culinary experience

28 Sep

i remember, before coming out to berlin, lots of comments like ‘i hope you like schnitzel/wurst/saeurkraut.’ well denver, the joke’s on you. berlin is actually a mecca of ethnic foods, much of it available cheap and yummy. trying getting a fried halumi sandwich as good as the one at Orientalische Imbiss in denver for less than six bucks.

mostly, though, at least every other day, we’ve been eating at La Paz, the mexican restaurant on the corner.

we work hard to bring you this blog. it’s tiring, expensive, largely thankless. it involves ‘having lots of experiences’ and then ‘finding goofy ways to poorly translate these experiences into a hypertextual format for those who could not have them with us.’ it gets to be a real grind after hours or minutes of work in the late afternoon having just woken up. and nothing relieves the stress better than kicking back at our fave taco joint over a couple-three shaved ice margaritas.

let me tell you about a typical meal at this place. here is a plate of guacamole (which is, as the German-language menu helpfully elucidates, ‘Avocadosauce’):

not bad. yes. i can dig it. for entrees, we tried a couple house specials. i ordered the Chimichanga al Horno. if my translation is right, the menu describes this delectable dish as ‘two flour tortillas stuffed with vegetables, feta cheese, bean puree and salsa with cheese au gratin, served with rice and salad.’ now my presumed denver-based reader is thinking, ‘what the hell does that mean?’ well, it looks something like this:

so. ok. the cheese au gratin part is the whole baked-in-cheese thing… bean puree is refried beans, of course. and yes, i’m pretty sure there was feta cheese involved. it was so good i never want to eat at taco bell again!

jason, now, ordered the Pollo con Piña. we forgot that we knew what “con Piña” means–ya know, like piña colada. jason thought it was piña for ‘piñata,’ so imagine his surprise to find pineapples mingling with his chicken! what else did he find there? according to my translation of the menu, ‘cloves, cilantro, Pico de Gallo (spicy) and a sweet homemade sauce, served with rice and salad.’ yes, that seems about accurate:

best part was, despite the promises of spicy Pico, neither of us broke a sweat the entire meal! which made it easier to deal with the fact that we had to ask for tap water, which was served in very small glasses and we would have had to ask again to get refills. our waiter was also very nice. he seemed excited that americans were eating at the mexican restaurant he works at. and the bill was only like 33 euro! we didn’t have to tip the guy and he was still happy.

a clean plate
all in all, denver, i would have to say that my meal at La Paz was the best mexican food experience i’ve had in my entire life.


3 Responses to “a wunderbar culinary experience”

  1. D Franki Fox October 3, 2010 at 11:28 pm #

    yum…sounds gut-filling tasty. Happy Oktoberfest gentle men.

  2. D Franki Fox October 3, 2010 at 11:33 pm #

    Warrrrrr Eagle…Rollll Tide…How’em ’bout ’em Dodgers Son?

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