Istanbul. Population: 13,000,002

4 Oct

SUPERKUHLWUNDERBLOG has made it to Istanbul, contributing significantly to the city’s cultural significance. For the next few days we’ll be accumulating and interpreting our various experiences in this bizarre city which, we suspect, might actually be in California.

Meanwhile, we’d like to congratulate Captain Stephen L. Lawson on his flawless dispatching of yet another harmless, and arguably sentient, living animal. First hand reports of the incident indicate that the Captain’s Remmington 770 hunting rifle was used with such accuracy that the antelope’s heart came flopping out. A perfect hit!

All joking aside, we can now consider Stephen a special type of vegetarian. And for that reason, we’re naming Captain Stephen L. Lawson “SUPERKUHLWUNDERHBLOG Reader of the Week” !!!!


One Response to “Istanbul. Population: 13,000,002”

  1. Wicki Stepmother October 5, 2010 at 6:40 am #

    congratulations to Captain Stephen…

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