On the Flies of the Market Place

3 Dec

today was the first real snowfall in berlin this winter. it fell all day and reminded me of home. we walked through it to get some cheap personal pizzas. but a couple days ago, scott and i tried to go to this mexican restaurant he heard about. longtime readers will know that i have been on the hunt for good mexican food since leaving the states. and i have not found it yet. the tip-off, on this occasion, came from an acquaintance of scott’s, a mexican-american who has been living here for awhile now. her opinion seemed trustworthy, so we duly set out for the Naturkunde Museum U-Bahn stop. upon arriving there, we walked up the stairs into the open air, quivering in anticipation and excitement and cold. it had been a long day of errand-running and attempted errand-running. scott procured a turntable with which to listen to his re-burgeoning record collection. now, walking a couple blocks, we came upon a promising storefront:


alright! exactly the kind of place about which, walking past in denver, i would say to myself, ‘i bet they have good food.’ a few feet further, we were confronted, however, with this sight:


note the trash out front and the covered hole in the window. si, mi amigos, Viva Mexico! had closed down. looking in, we saw a few people sorting through all sorts of junk, chairs up on the tables, a bottle of booze out on the bar with glasses around it. sadness filled our hearts, tears rolled down our cheeks–tears of empathy for the failed restauranteurs, and tears of hunger for our own empty stomachs. truly a lesson. as Zarathustra said, “Like a robber, hunger overtakes me. In forests and swamps hunger overtakes me, and in the deep of night. My hunger is certainly capricious: often it comes to me only after a meal, and today it did not come all day; where could it have been?”

then, i think we walked back to my flat where i cooked some rice and sauteed veggies and beans. or maybe that was another night.

thus spoke i.d.-m.


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