Of Course He Will

25 Jan

I overheard my brother talking to my mother, in the future. Here is a transcript of what he said: 

You told me yesterday…[ long pause] that you do not want to go into assisted living. Why? No, it’s not much closer.



It’s uh, it’s maybe, maybe ten to twenty miles closer and, and it’s much much harder for Jason and I to see you in Mesa.


Jason lives in Tucson, right?! He lives in Tucson. He doesn’t live in Mesa.


He has MS. Yeah. Right. So uh, you know mother it’s just uh really difficult because we’ve looked at places on Mars. We looked at the Wabash Canyon on Mars. You didn’t like it. It’s very nice and very small. And the one in Tucson that Jason has found is one of the best that they have seen. Ten, yes, ten. Well, it’s a facility. Yeah, you know.

No they don’t all have their own rooms.

Uhh, some of them have private rooms.

They cost a little bit more, if you can find them, but they get taken up pretty fast. Well, I know you would. It’s about two thousand two hundred to two thousand five hundred a month, per month.

So you know you’d have to use some of your personal savings.

You’d have to use up your personal savings. So… Yes. Yes.

Oh mother, I. That’s what we talked about. And I’ll talk to Jason about that more. But did you tell Don and Dev?

Yes I Yes I do.

Yeah it’s the same woman that took care of Drake. The same woman that took care of Drake.


Mary Ellen. Messenger. Messenger! but you don’t like her. No you don’t. No, you didn’t like her.

That’s the problem we have with you, mother, is… mother, why don’t you like-so many people. There are so many people you do not like. Do you know that?

Many, many.

Mary Ellen. Yes. No you didn’t like her. She was going to take you to the doctor’s one day, uh, I don’t know, probably about five years ago and you called her up and said don’t bother me I don’t want to do that. So that’s the problem…

Oh I’m sure she is.

So, you know… [long pause] Jason… [long pause] If that’s what you want to do… we can call… We can call her. Mother, your vision is not good—period. Yes. And I’m sure I’ll talk to him. Actually I left him a voicemail yesterday.

I left him a voicemail yesterday.

I left him a message on his phone.


No he didn’t. Yes I know. You just told me. Three times. You told me three times.

So… No you didn’t like her, just like you don’t seem to care for Janelle. You don’t particularly care for Janelle.

Do you agree with that?

Yes, you don’t care for her. You don’t really like her. What is it? Yeah that’s, see, that’s the thing. You don’t know.

Is it because she’s uh Hispanic?

Well, she’s not real organized. And she she has uh her children, her little boy runs around quite a bit. That seems to bother you. You know, but.

Yes, you just told me.

You told me twice.

Yeah, you told me twice now.

Yeah. Well your vision is pretty much gone. I don’t think it’s going to get much worse.

Oh, it’s worse today?

Well at least you were able to dial, you know, able to dial on uh,… well you see, that’s the problem. We’re, we’re working against all these things that are gonna go downhill. Your visions gonna go, your mind is gonna go, all the while we’re trying to find nice places for you but all the while you’re wanting to stay in your house. Now we’re trying to find somebody that will want ot stay with you. you know, Jason and I are trying to find somebody. Jason and I can call Mary Ellen, but I know you probably won’t like her. You haven’t in the past. No I know you don’t remember, that’s why it’s difficult. that’s why having you in a facility, so, you know the one-on-one with a person living there is not gonna be easy. And we can try it. You know. But I. You know. I don’t know if somebody needs to be there. I think ideally someone.

Well, that’s true, that’s true and it’s not true.


You have your children, you’re not in that house. No, this is Max. I know you can’t. Call Mary ellen? Yeah I’ll call. Yes she took care of Drake. She did a good job as caregiver. No, I know it. Yeah, I’ll uh, I’ll call her here.


Yeah he possibly would, um. But see you’re a senior. We don’t know if he’s available. yeah. Well yeah, I’ll call. It sounds like.

Yes I am. I have some things that I have to do. Yeah, I have to run and stop by the office for a few. And I can still call her but uh , I have things I’m trying to do.

No, I’m aware of that. And then uh, is Anne, is Anne gonna come by today? Well, she can’t come by until after four o’clock. I see. Uhh, well, yeah, I think it’d be good if either Jason or I call. It’d probably be good if either Jason or I called.


Well we have unlimited long distance. Yes I will call in the next couple of days. Well, I might, but I’ve got uh. It’s uh 3:30. 3:30. Yes. And I can uh, I want to talk to Jason real fast. So I. But see now we’ve got Don and Dev trying to find you a place in Mesa. But you don’t want to go to Mesa so that’s not very fair. And why is that any different than what they do?

I just told you it’s not really a significant difference. It’s a fifteen mile difference.

Well, you know, she’s just getting by. You know she doesn’t feel good. She’s coming and going. Yes she took it, uh started last week. Yes, it takes time. Uhm, I know what you mean.

I’ve got time.

But it sounds like you’re ready to have someone move in with you.

To have someone who.

You realize, so, you have to share your bathroom.


Yes. But um,… I’ll have… [long pause] it’ll take…



Yeah, okay so, I’ll be in touch, okay, God Bless you…

Uh huh. ok. ok. god ble…

well it’s uh, it’s snowing a little bit.

It’s snowing a little bit.

I… I will. God bless you. Bye.


4 Responses to “Of Course He Will”

  1. wolfsharksarereal January 25, 2012 at 7:42 am #

    Where’t the character development…?!!!!!!!!!

    • jasonbox January 25, 2012 at 7:44 am #

      Sorry, this isn’t an intro to creative writing workshop.

  2. Julia Kelly morona January 31, 2012 at 10:23 pm #

    Small Paul has some of the cutest baby clothes and we could give them to cousin Janelle who is due soon.

    • jasonbox February 5, 2012 at 4:06 am #

      Julia, you’re a fucking genius.

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