Five Years In Them Mi’rs

1 Oct

Jason went home after months in Berlin

I’m back

Back in America

Coming home

Here I am

Welcome home

He felt like a stranger in a family photo

Goodbye, goodbye

“Do I look sad all the time?” Quickly, yes

Late for our grandma’s 3rd funeral, looks like

Don’t buy into the bad feelings

The dog, Jack, I wondered if he weighed as much

As the Thanksgiving Turkey

Family Photograph

Dog years, dog years, dog ears, dog dears, dog life

Memorial in the lobby

Blessings and forks

Bubbie afraid of a fish on the wall

So tell me more, about your world

Where a fish lives on the wall

To not not, for five years

My parents’ generation has a slower touch

When handing down death

Don’t hope for the same

Slow touch when we

Retire your spirits to a flash drive



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