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He’s Hungry

5 Dec

We made it through Ramendan, but just barely. This video is two days late and a few dollars short of a happy meal, but it will have to do.



Ladies and Gentleman, how’s your Ramendan feeling?

4 Nov

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Ramendan 2013: Day One

3 Nov

Behold, the new display at my local supermarket:


It promises the ever-eager German consumer “delicious treats from the land of boundless possibilities.” That’s right, dear reader, I now have easy access to all my favorite much-missed almost-food items. Swiss Miss hot chocolate, just in time for winter. Microwave popcorn that I will keep in my canvas bag at the ready in case I ever meet someone in Berlin with a microwave. Yellow mustard, because the mustard here isn’t yellow enough. Any kind of Jim Beam brand barbecue sauce I could possibly want (Spoiler alert (do people still say that?): I don’t want any kind). Campbell’s tomato soup, because the shitty canned tomato soup here isn’t shitty enough. Betty Crocker baked goods mixes, several varieties of “American peanut butter” all made in Great Britain, cheez whiz, Newman’s own salad dressing, and arguably my favorite — off-brand macaroni & cheese for €2.49 per box. That’s only three American dollars!

But none of that will do me any good for the next 31 days as I navigate the waning daylight hours with only one possible foodstuff in mind — ramen. Yes, it’s the start of Ramendan here ate Superkuhlwunderblog, and that other stolidly American nutrition source is conspicuously absent from these supermarket shelves. Ramendan, of course, is that anticipated and slightly dreaded time where Jason and I can only eat ramen products from sunrise to sundown, so it’s discomfiting that I can’t find any on the American treats endcap. How will I stay sated all day? Perhaps I will manage to cope by sleeping until the sun goes down, which becomes an easier task as the month goes on, but Jason over there in Denver, Colorado, does not live so far north as me. Fortunately he is a creative, experimental chef and has spent the last weeks brainstorming all manner of recipes to keep ramen fresh, which he plans to share with you via a series of entertaining video blogs.

Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself, yeah, but why can they only eat ramen during the daylight hours from November 3rd to December 3rd? Well, it comes out of the mists of time and uh… well, Jason told me “don’t ask, don’t tell,” which seems like a foolproof policy.