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Seven Ways to Tell You’re Reading This

20 Nov

It’s a fact – reading words isn’t what it once was. Algorithms, data, paragraphs, and pictures are all computer things now, and aren’t computers and reading different? If you’re not sure, read on to find out how you might be.

And then I saw the words

Man, Understanding

Number One – You can see words

We wrote this article with words, so it’s important to figure out if you’re looking at words or if you’re looking at something else. Keep in mind, the internet has a lot of words, but we only wrote some of them.

Number Two – You’re not doing “something else”

Normally defined as “other stuff,” something else might prevent you from reading this.

Number Three – You’re not looking out a window

This (what you’re reading), is right here, not out the window.

Number Four – Numberwang

That’s wangernumb.

Number Five – You’re becoming aware

If you started reading this in the first place, it’s because you weren’t sure you knew if you were reading this. You should now begin to notice an awareness of reading this.

Number Six – You’ve lost attention

It’s normal to forget what you’re doing, such as reading this.

Number SevenIt’s what you’re doing right now

The thought crosses your mind that if someone were to ask you what you’re doing right now, you would reply, honestly, that you’re reading this. You also might consider that if someone asks you later what you were doing earlier, you would reply that you had been reading this. That’s a way, however, to recognize that you ARE reading this now.


Now that you’ve read this, tell us: how did you know?